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Pico Neo 2 a great headset for develop VR apps in Unity3d

The Pico Neo 2 is a standalone VR headset built for business that can be used as stand alone device or connected to a pc through a wired or wireless connection.

It is very comfortable to put on and to take it off, making it perfect for the VR developers.

For a complete review of the device, check this link

Here a short tutorial on how to configure a Pico Neo 2 as VR Headset for Unity Editor.

This is valid only for Windows, not for Mac.

Install the Pico Streaming Assistant and Steam with SteamVR

Open Unity Hub

Create a new 3d project in Unity

Go to Windows -> Package Manager

Select Advanced -> Show preview packages

Install the packages: XR Plugin Management and XR Interaction toolkit, XR Legacy Input Helpers will be taken automatically

Download the HTC VIVE UniyXR OpenVR library from:

unzip the zip file to a folder

From Package manager press + Add package from disk and select the file package.json in the folder just created

The SteamVR Unity XR Plugin will be imported into the project

Go to Edit -> Project settings -> XR Plug-in Management and check OpenVR Loader

Now we are ready to develop with the XR Libraries

Add a Rig (here we used a stationary rig)

Select the Camera Offset of the rig to move the camera position off the ground.

and move it 1.7 units in Y

Add a cube as target to grab

Create a folder Materials and create a Material to assign to the cube

Change the size and the position of the cube to make it smaller

Add the component XR Grab Interactable to the cube. In this way the cube can be grabbed in VR

It will add automatically also a Rigidbody to the cube

Add a 3d Plane object as floor. The cube is affected by gravity, so it would fall down forever. The 3d plane stops the fall.

Now we can try the scene in VR

Turn on the Pico Neo 2 and connect it to the same wifi as the pc

Lunch on PC the Pico Streaming Assistant, than from the headset click on Streaming Assistant

The Pico Neo2 headset will connect to the PC

Now you can run the Application in Unity and see use it in the headset

and grab the cube using the grab button on a controller


The Pico Neo 2 and the Pico Neo 2 Eye are a must buy headseat for every VR developer. Are much more comfortable than an Oculus, much easier to put or take off, have a better resolution and no need a wired connection. Using the XR Libraries makes the software portable for every headset, so it is easy to develop with Pico and publish on Steam or for Oculus Quest.

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